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Almost everyone has heard of a Smart Home, or Home Automation. But what is it exactly? What if I told you that you could have complete control of your entire home from anywhere in the world? What if you could turn on the outside lights from your cell-phone? What if the house could send you a message if water got into the basement, while letting your plumber know at the exact same time? If all of this sounds crazy, know that these are just a few of the possibilities with a home management system from Control4 & Advanced Audio & Video.

Using new technology, the entire house can be at your fingertips from anywhere. Program the outside lights to turn on automatically at night, and then turn off again in the morning. Make sure that your kids turned off the lights when they left for school from your desk at work, or even lock and unlock the front door when your family arrives before you for dinner.

You can also configure the heating and Air Conditioning systems to be fully controlled. No longer come home to a cold house after a long day, or make sure the house is nice and cool for the dinner party, even before you leave from the kids soccer practice. Want to know if the kids opened the snack cupboard before dinner? Now you can.

Contact Us for a live demonstration in our showroom, and fully experience the convenience of having complete control of your entire house, from anywhere in the world.