Whether you are building a new home or just looking to add modern technologies to an exisiting home; Advanced Audio & Video has the solution for you. We can wire your new home durring the construction phase, this gives you the option to locate and design your home's technologies such as ethernet and telephone jacks, cable jacks, speaker placement, and televisions prior to home completion. Doing so ensures that all needed cables are in place prior to finishing work; this allows us to, once your home is complete, connect and install your televisions and devices with minimal disruption to your newly finished home.

If you have an existing home you are looking to bring up to date, again Advanced Audio & Video has the answers. With our combined experience and know-how we can safely add the technological features to your home that you have been dreaming of. We understand the value and memories held within a home and respect your investments; let us help you create new memories and increase the value of your home.